Saturday, May 30, 2009


Aaron didn't want me to do it, but it had to be done!

A little squirmy in the chair!

Baby bob instead of a baby mullet-big improvement!

Lookin' good!

Ty got a summer cut too from his girlfriend and favorite stylest, Anna.

Ty and Evyn's Sonshine School Program May 14, 2009

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

Ty's class.

Everyone at Sonshine School.

Sweet sisters.


Ryan just finished her first year of Soccer. She loves it. I wish I had one single clue about how to play the game. Maybe it's for the best. She won't have to listen to all my advice!


Lots of treats! Happy kiddos!

Evyn's Easter dress with Grandmother.

Hunting with Aunt Kelly.

My Sister and Mom

Evyn is One!

Evyn turned one Saturday April 11th. She had a Pink and Green party to celebrate the arrival of Spring! Thanks to everyone who came from Texas, and thank you Ma (Sharon) for the cakes!